Frontman, Vocalist


Band frontman and founding member of AC/CZ and AC/DS band.

Over the past 10 years of the ensemble has performed more than 600 gigs.

Lead Guitar


Showman and talented guitarist with a refined feeling for Angus' style of play. A shy and self-contained introvert who, as if by magic, turns into a confident extrovert and performs the undressing solo.

Just our Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde ...

Rythm Guitar


Keyboard player on guitar post. Unmistakable personality and mascot of the band. Thanks to his mane, all fans recognize us immediately.

Bass Guitar


Rocker by heart and soul, which is ready to die on stage for rock and roll if necessary. 

Which he almost managed...



Rhythm machine - beautiful, young and extremely talented drummer.

Student of Prague "Jaroslav Ježek" Music Academy

World Champion of the 2019 contest "Hit like a Girl"

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